Backstage Spotlight™ November 2003 Recording Engineer Obie O’Brien

In late 1999, our Editor-in-Chief had the pleasure of talking with Obie O’Brien as Bon Jovi finished up the Crush album and prepared to head out on tour. Much had gone on in Bon Jovi world since our chat, so we caught up with Obie again in October 2003. He filled us in on the recording of the Bon Jovi album This left Feels Right (released in the US on November 4,2003) told us what it was like doing Front of House sound on the Crush tour, and the process of going through over 20 years of archival material to create 2002’s One Wild Night live album and the Bon Jovi box set (which was released in late 2004 but hadn’t yet been released when the interview took place). 
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