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How do they get these mics to sound so good!

Obie is pictured here with his shiny new V44S and V13 microphones. In his comparisons, he tested both mics against his favorite U67s. Then he called and asked me when I sold my soul to the devil to get our mics to sound so good!

We’re extremely happy to have Obie in the Vanguard family. It’s always an honor when professionals with access to some of the most hallowed vintage microphones choose to use our gear.

From Obie, at his request, his quote that made me chuckle:

Obie O’Brien – Grammy nominated, engin……….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah….Hot Rod builder.

Humility is the best trait you can find in this industry, and more common at the top than anywhere else! Check out Vanguard Audio Labs at

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