Obie’s Hot Rods


Rock & Rollers Jon Bon Jovi and Obie O’Brien Hit the Streets in Two Classic Hot Rods

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Steel Horse – Rocker Jon Bon Jovi’s ’70 Chevelle Ragtop

Chevelle Front View

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He’s a car-culture artist at a crossroad – LA Times

Thanks to a client list headed by Bon Jovi, pinstriper Robert Schroeder sees bigger things on the horizon. Does he dare dream Von Dutch?

Obie O’Brien, the band’s longtime producer and sound engineer, said he’s dragging Schroeder into the limelight “whether he likes it or not.”

“He’s as good as I’ve seen, but he’s never gotten the recognition,” O’Brien said. “He’s sort of like a beatnik. You could transplant him to 1960 and he’d be right at home. Money is truly secondary to him.” He added: “I think he’s got a very distinctive style; we need to enhance that and bring it to the forefront and make it his trademark.” Justin Fenton | Baltimore Sun

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